Monday, March 26, 2012

Barbara's peacock - Part 2

Today,  I’ll show you how I’m going to embroider the peacock’s wing.

The lowest part of the wing should be dark blue but since I don’t have that shade of blue, I’d used the same thread that I’d used for the body.For the rest of the wing, my choice was buttonhole-knot method.I made one straight stitch and worked buttonhole knots on it.This was done with 3 strands of stranded cotton.

Alternate between white and black.

One row completed.

And, the remaining rows.
Whenever I admire a peacock’s beauty, I used to wonder – “Why did God decide to create these black and white feathers?”I mean, they’re dull looking, boring and not shiny like the rest of the feathers.I even had to think twice before embroidering these.I guess, maybe it’s one way of God telling us – ‘Hey, nobody’s perfect!’

 To view completed project, please click here.


  1. eyyyoooo Inaaaaaaaaaaa toooo eager to see the finished peacock......:-)

  2. He's so cute.Am looking forward to see the finished peacock.

  3. I would never have thought it was the buttonhole stitch. it had to be very long to embroider.