Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mirror work 4

Sharon’s week 11 TAST challenge is whipped wheel stitch.Once again, I’m going to try this on mirror/shisha.The biggest challenge here is to stitch the spokes on the mirror.The rest should be easy.As promised, this is the tutorial for whipped wheel mirror work :

The mirror that I’m using is 1.25m in diameter.Divide a 2.5cm diameter circle into 16.Attach the mirror as shown and bring up the needle at the shown position (below A).

Bring the needle and thread over and under the foundation stitches.Wrap the thread under the needle and pull (when pulling, use equal tension all around to produce beautiful, rounded center).

Enter the needle at B.Bring the needle up just next to the first stitch.

Continue as above and enter the needle at C.

Continue in the same manner till the end.The spokes are ready.It’s OK if it’s not perfect.What’s important are the spokes.Once you weave, everything else would be hidden behind the weaving.

I succeeded in finishing this whipped wheel mirror/shisha work.

This is the normal method of weaving by passing the thread over and under the spokes.For this, you’ll need odd-numbered spokes.


  1. Good job ina. Very useful.


  2. I can't quite see how you catch the mirror with this weeks stitch, but it looks good.

  3. Beautiful Ina! Is it pearl cotton?

  4. Lovely!! I look forward to the tutorial; I always enjoy your work so much.

  5. Tried it, loved it, thank you. :)