Sunday, April 15, 2012

Barbara's peacock - Part 3

After embroidering the wing, I couldn’t decide whether to embroider the tail of the peacock or the flowers.Since the tail will take longer to stitch, I thought it would be better to start work on the flowers and leaves.

I made the flowers and leaves using this technique.Since they’re so tiny, only 1 strand of pearl cotton no:8 was needed.

Although I followed the pattern and embroidered 6 petals for most of the flowers, I feel 5 petals should be enough (6 petals look so crowded for this technique).
To view completed project, please click here.


  1. What a lovely use of the buttonhole stitch !

  2. Pretty flowers! But I like the leaves than flowers :).Looking forward to see more...

  3. wow good idea using B.hole stitch!i went thru all pages and like your tutorials so also an embroidery lover..hope i can learn more from you..thanks for visiting my blog..iam a follwer of you now onwards..

  4. Wow beautiful flower,made with buttonhole stitch.