Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Barbara's peacock - Part 1

I’m a huge fan of Lakshmi’s peacock.She embroiders one of the most beautiful peacocks.So, when I saw peacock patterns on Barbara’s blog, I decided to embroider one of my own.She has 3 peacock patterns on her blog and if time permits, I would like to embroider all 3.I’ll give you the exact link for this peacock at the end of my project but my advice is – go and explore her blog.There’re lots of beautiful patterns to choose from.My favourites – women in flowing gowns, holding baskets, flowers…Oh, I love them all!Every week, I would save her pattern thinking that’s the most beautiful but the very next week, she would surprise me with a better pattern.So, I ended up saving ALL her patterns!

My peacock has begun to take shape.As you can see, I’d embroidered the head and crest.The white patch around the eye is not in the original pattern.I embroidered it to give the peacock a realistic look.For the head, satin stitch was used with 2 strands of silk thread.The crest is stem stitch – 2 strands of stranded cotton (2 strands from the 6-strand thread).

Blue beads were sewn on top of the crest.The body’s a combination of satin and long and short stitches, depending on the width.I’d made a few parallel stitches on the body.By doing this, I’ll know the ’flow’ of my thread – in which direction I should stitch.

By working the straight stitches here and there, I gradually filled up the spaces in between and completed the body of the peacock.In my next post, I’ll show you how to embroider the wings.

To view completed project, please click here.


  1. wow great, ... my peacock is in the back burner too...

  2. This is going to be stunning. I like the way of doing the parallel stitches to keep the stitch flow going in the right direction.

  3. Iam super excited....this post is apt and right in time for me...for the last one week, i was surfing net day & night just to find a peacock pattern,i donno how i missed out Barbaras blog, any way many many thanks Ina.
    I prefer vertical long and short stitch for neck, just my opinion, looking forward for ur next post..

  4. Ina,
    I love peacocks..One small suggestion,if you work split stitch on the outline and then satin stitch you'll get a smooth edge.In some of the Indian embroidery small running stitches are worked instead of split stitch to get a smooth effect...

    1. Thanks, Anita.Normally, I work outline stitch on the outline but decided to leave this as it is.Embroidering on satin cloth is not easy.

    2. Oh!I've never worked outline stitch with satin stitch.I should try it soon...Thanks Ina.

  5. Ina,
    If time permits, plz hav a look at my peacock,


  6. Congratulations Ina! An award is waiting for you at Hannah's enbrouderie.

  7. I can sympathise with your arachnaphobia problem vis-a-vis your mother. For many years my mother thought I was making it up when I told her I was ornithophobic, even when I became a trembling nauseous mess as she pointed out all the beautiful birds in her garden. It has taken me many years to desensitise to the point where I can look at pictures or even at the real things through a window, but it took someone else with the same problem to convince my mother.

    In all honesty, I can't say I like your peacock, but I do love your beadwork flowers. They are fantastic. Thanks.


  8. Он такой красивый!
    Павлин это моя еще не осуществленная мечта.