Friday, November 2, 2012

Goldwork peacock - Part 1

As a busy person, I had to think twice before starting a new embroidery project because it would take ages to complete one.When I bought the smooth purl (zardosi thread),   a few months ago, I knew I had to use it somewhere.After weighing a few options, I decided to embroider another peacock pattern from barbara’s blog  .As usual, I’ll share with you the exact link for this free peacock pattern at the end of this project.This is the first time I’m using purl, so I’m a bit cautious.Hopefully, everything will turn out OK.


  For the body of the peacock, it was worked in stem stitch filling.I’d used 1 strand of pearl cotton no:8 thread.


Here, I’d completed the body.


Made the beak using smooth purl.


Lastly, I inserted another purl under the beak and made a loop and sewn a bead for the eye.