Sunday, August 28, 2011

Underwater scene 5

Today, I’m going to embroider the main character in this underwater scene-Miss Fish.

I’ve worked the head and body of this fish with long and short stitch, using 2 strands of the 6-strand embroidery thread. Then, I made straight stitches on the mouth with 6-strand thread and 2 tiny stitches at the bottom for the fins (2 strands of pearl cotton no:8 thread). For the tail, I’ve decided to embroider pointed buttonhole-knot stitch. For each part of the tail, I’ve made 2 straight stitches, close to each other (2 strands for each stitch).

As you can see here, I’ve made buttonhole knots on the straight stitches (6 strands for the lips, 2 strands for the tail and 1 strand for the fins). Work buttonhole/blanket stitch for the fin on top. The scales are v-shaped fly stitches.

Work buttonhole knots on the fin with 2 strands (please refer frilled buttonhole stitch). The buttonhole knots on the scales were also done with 2 strands of thread. A googly eye completed the fish, and buttonhole wheels for the bubbles coming out of the fish’s mouth.

To view completed pattern, please click here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Underwater scene 4

For the last item on the seabed, I’ve decided to embroider another coral.

For the body of this coral, I’m going to use weaving technique. Firstly, embroider 3 straight stitches close to each other. These stitches were held down with small stitches. Start weaving from the bottom, alternating from right to left.

And left to right. Push the thread down with the needle as you weave.

When the body is complete, embroider ‘Y-shaped’ fly stitches, as shown (I’ve used 2 strands of pearl cotton no:8 thread for this).

Cover the stitches with buttonhole knots (1strand).

Does this look like staghorn coral?

This is the completed seabed. Next, I will embroider a few sea animals.

To view completed pattern, please click here.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Underwater scene 3

Last week was hard for me. I had to deal with a personal problem involving my son. He’s a kind-hearted, gentle-mannered boy. But, the problem is, he has this temper that’s beyond his control; something that he inherited from his father, my ex-husband. It would happen in a split second, causing him to become violent. When everything has cooled down, he would regret it. Since this incident happened in school last week, I had to go and talk to his teacher. Then, there was a trip to the psychologist. This problem has been going on since he was a child. Is there any help for this? I mean, the genetic factor plays a big role in this. I’m trying to make some changes to his life according to the psychologist’s advice. Hope that everything would turn out fine in the future. This incident really drained my energy, soul, everything. Please pray for me.
Continuing From where I left off, I would like to show you the slow progress that I’ve made so far.

This is the second starfish that I had embroidered.

As I was browsing my son’s encyclopedia, I came across an interesting coral. Since it looks like a brain, it’s called a ‘brain coral’. Although it’s round, I’ve changed the shape a bit. As you can see, the pattern curves up and down, left and right, without touching, till the end. In cake decoration, this is called ‘cornelli work’.

As usual, work small stitches on the pattern at the curved points. This is done with one strand of Anchor pearl cotton no:8 thread. Insert 2 strands of thread in these stitches. Work a small part at a time with 2 sets of needle and thread- one for the small stitches, the other to insert the thread.

This is the finished pattern. Next, work buttonhole knots on this pattern.

This is the final result.

To view completed pattern, please click here.