Friday, April 27, 2012

Goldwork wheatear stitch

For the past few weeks, I’d been experimenting with smooth purl which is normally used in goldwork embroidery.Since embroidery materials are really hard to find in my small town, it came as a surprise when I found this purl.Unfortunately, only a small amount was available.When Sharon revealed this week’s TAST challenge, the wheatear stitch, I thought I had nothing interesting to show.But then, I decided to experiment this beautiful stitch with my precious smooth gold purl.

This is one example.Care should be taken when working with purls.Once a purl’s pulled or stretched, it will never go back to its original length.It should be cut with a pair of very sharp scissors.I made a knot at the back of the fabric after each wheatear stitch.

This is a combination of gold purl and silk thread.You can even try another method – work the loops with thread and the straight stitches with gold purls.

And a goldwork wheatear stitch flower.


  1. How neat! Love this gold. Wowzers!!!

  2. It's look very nice, but such a "thread" seems to be very difficult to work.

    1. Yes, Isabelle.The gold purl should be worked with care and a great deal of patience is needed.

  3. I'd never thought of using gold purl for this stitch. Clever you and thanks for sharing.