Sunday, July 3, 2011

Spiral buttonhole-knot rose

I intended to make another flower using the buttonhole-knot method but ended up making a rose. So, here’s my latest rose creation-spiral buttonhole-knot rose.

Draw a circle. This is a 2cm diameter circle. Draw bigger circle for bigger flower. Starting from the center, draw a spiral line all the way to the top. Work running stitches (small stitches) on the spiral, as shown.

Bring the needle up at the center and insert the thread into the running stitches.

Beginning from the center, work buttonhole knots to cover the thread. I wish I had drawn a bigger circle. What I like about this rose, is that it is actually ‘blooming’ on the fabric.

This was my attempt with pearl cotton no:8 thread.  The previous one was done with the 6-strand embroidery floss.


  1. Hi
    I just stumbled upon your blog. Love you tutorials and your beautiful work. I just cannot wait to see your finished peacock work.

  2. Good thing I saw your blog now..Wonderful.