Friday, July 8, 2011

Buttonhole-knot rosebud-2

This is another way of making a rosebud, using buttonhole-knot technique.

Embroider a pointed buttonhole-knot petal. The tutorial for this is given here. Make a diagonal stitch at the base of the petal and work buttonhole knots on it. Make another stitch at the opposite direction, crisscrossing at the base.

Work buttonhole knots on this stitch, too.

In the same manner, work 2 more buttonhole-knot petals at the positions shown in the picture.

With green thread, work buttonhole knots at the base of the petal for the calyx.

 Make a straight stitch for the stalk.


  1. Ina,
    Tried this technique and amazed by the result.. thanks for sharing the tutes..
    I have given the link to you in my blog(think Ina is ur name rt?).you could have written 'about' you in ur blog..wishing to see more tutes frm urside ..

  2. I think your 'tuts' are wonderful, too... :0))