Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Buttonhole-knot rosebud

To make this rosebud, firstly, embroider a pointed buttonhole-knot petal. Please click here for the tutorial.
 Embroider a diagonal stitch at the base of the petal and work buttonhole knots on it. Make another stitch at the opposite direction, crisscrossing the first one at the base.

Work buttonhole knots on this stitch,too.

With green thread, work 2 buttonhole-knot stitches, facing opposite directions.

Embroider buttonhole knots at the base of the petal. This will complete the calyx. Make a straight stitch for the stalk.

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  1. have a nice, informative blog...i haven't tried embroidery yet but plan to do so...and i find your blog an inspiration. thanx...