Friday, October 15, 2010

Double cast-on sunflower

For this double cast-on sunflower, I've used six-strand embroidery floss.To prevent this thread from losing its lustre, cut length of thread needed to make one petal at a time.use fresh thread for each petal.Extra care should be taken when pulling the thread so that it won't become tangled.These are the instructions to make double cast-on sunflower:

1.Draw a 4cm diameter circle.
2.Draw a smaller 1.25cm diameter circle in the first circle.
3.Divide the small circle into 24 parts.
4.Divide the big circle into 24 parts in a manner that the mid-point, the point on the small circle and the point on the big circle are on a straight line.
5.Transfer the points onto a fabric.
6.Bring the needle up at A.pull through.
7.Go down at B and come up at A or a point close to A.Don't pull through.
8.Follow the instructions on how to make double cast-on stitch.
 9.After AB, go to EF and back to CD (so that the petals will be overlapping).Continue in this manner for the rest of the petals.
10.Fill the center with french knots or beads.