Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Double cast-on daisy

For this double cast-on daisy, I've used Anchor pearl cotton no:8 thread.

1.To make double cast-on daisy, draw a 3cm diameter circle.
2.Draw a smaller 0.75cm diameter circle in this circle.
3.Divide the small circle into 12 parts.
4.Divide the big circle into 12 parts in a manner that the mid-point, the point on the small circle and the point on the big circle are on a straight line.
5.Transfer the points onto a fabric.
6.Bring the needle up at A.Pull through.
7.Go down at B and come up at A or to a point close to A.Don't pull through.
8.Follow the instructions on how to make double cast-on stitch (I needed 12 loops to make a petal).
9.Continue with the other petals.
10.Fill the center with french knots or beads.

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