Sunday, October 10, 2010

Double cast-on stitch

Double cast-on stitch is a Brazilian embroidery stitch.2 strands of thread are used to wrap around the needle, one on the left, the other on the right.The loops are done alternately between left and right.Although Brazilian embroidery is done with special threads, I normally use Anchor Pearl Cotton no:8 thread or even the six strand embroidery floss.Here are the methods to make double cast-on stitch:

1.Thread the needle.Meet the ends of the thread and make a knot.
2.Bring up the needle atA.Pull through.
3.Go down at B.Without pulling through, come back at A or to a point close to A.
4.Place one thread on the left of the needle and the other one on the right.

5.Pick up the left thread, make a twist and drop the loop in the needle.Snug it down the needle.

6.Do the same with the thread on the right.Make sure the loops are done in the same manner.

7.Continue making the loops till the length of the loops is equal to the length of AB.

8.Hold the loops with one hand and with another hand, pull the needle through fabric and loops.Pull thread upwards and go towards B.

9.Hold the loops and carefully pull the remaining threads.At this point, you can pull both threads separately.Make sure they don't become tangled when being pulled through.

10.Bring the needle down at B.

This stitch can be used to make flower petals and leaves.

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