Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goldwork Peacock - Part 5


Hi everyone.It  has been quite some time since I last blogged.During summer, I deliberately stayed away from the internet because I had so much of work to do.When I was a bit free, I found out that my PC hardware had crashed, so it had to be repaired.Unlike most bloggers, I don’t post often.That’s why even after 4 years, I haven’t reached the 100th post.But I’m really happy with the support that I get.I value your precious time, that’s why I publish a post only if I feel it’s necessary.For me, quality is more important than quantity.
I’m glad to say that I’d finished my goldwork peacock project.Today, I would like to share with you the progress of this project.

For the ‘eyes’ of the tail feathers, my choice was stem stitch filling worked with 2 strands of silk thread. 

I went on to embroider the flowers and leaves.The flower petals were worked with check purl, the leaves and stems- smooth purl and stones for the center of the flowers.Here, all the stems are straight which was a mistake – I should have curved them a bit which you will see in the next set of flowers and leaves.

 I’d completed the tail feathers, worked with smooth purl.Each purl piece had to be measured,cut, stitched, shaped and glued to the fabric.You can say it’s back-breaking work!

As you can see here, the stems were stitched, curved and glued to the fabric.I feel they’re better than the previous ones.


  1. Happy anniversary Ina! the peacock is so beautiful :-) You are right,the curved stems look better than the other ones.

  2. Congrats on the blog anniversary!! Your peacock is looking beautiful :)

  3. I love peacocks and love your stitching! Would love to see the whole piece when you are finished!

  4. Nice Design! I like your way of stitching. I am very fond of realistic embroidery designs that include animals and birds. The purple color is looking very beautiful and giving an amazing look to the design.

  5. I just love your embroidery work..can you please post the complete picture of this peacock

  6. Your work is impressive! I like the texture of the feathers on the embroidery you've done. I can only imagine how long something like that would take to complete. I've been considering trying this type of thing on some blankets and towels that we have for our kids. That way they could keep track of their things.