Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mirror work 7

Today, I would like to share with you another mirror/shisha work tutorial – needlewoven picot mirror work.

This mirrorwork is my own creation.You are not allowed to copy the tutorial and produce it as your own whether on print or electronic media, on your blog or youtube channels.You are allowed to show the finished work but please link back to this page for the tutorial.

I’m using A 1.25cm diameter mirror.Mark the points for the tip and base of each petal.Fix the mirror onto the fabric with 4 straight and 4 diagonal stitches.Position the pins as shown for the petals.Bring up the needle to the right of the base of the first petal.

Bring the needle under and over the foundation stitches, work a back stitch, wrap the thread under the needle and pull through.This is actually the blanket/buttonhole stitch.Go back under the foundation stitches and continue in the same manner.

You will need 5 blanket stitches at the base of each petal.At the end of the 5th stitch,wrap the thread under the pin and bring it down at the beginning point.Bring up the needle in the center (through the 3rd blanket stitch).

Wrap this thread under the pin and start weaving over and under from tip to base.

You should end your weaving at the right side of the petal.Insert the needle into the fabric and bring it up through the last blanket stitch.Take the needle under the foundation stitches and continue as before for the second petal.

Remove all the pins.You can leave it like that or hold the petals down onto the fabric with a small stitch at the tip of each petal.


  1. Happy new year!!!!
    Thank you for to needlework!!!!


    Maria Filomena

  2. It looks lovely, Ina!! Thanks for the tutorial !! Wish you a happy new year!!:)

  3. I wish you an happy new year too.

  4. Very pretty mirror stitch! Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks for your wishes Ina.My dad is responding well to all the treatment,hopefully he will be okay soon.

  5. Hello.
    I'm new here and I want to learn how to make embroidery.
    Akorede from nigeria

  6. I love your work. Thanks for sharing. So very helpful

  7. This is beautiful and almost like the stitches used on Temari balls that I recently posted about. Thank you for sharing!

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  10. That’s such a great blog! as an embroidery artist I will definitely check this out!
    Thank you, Elia