Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kamal kadai leaf

I love anything that got to do with weaving.That’s why I love kamal kadai embroidery method.Although I’ve learnt this technique many years ago, only through Deepa’s blog that I found its name.She has given a tutorial on how to embroider kamal kadai flower.Lakshmi has also given a detailed explanation on this method and the threads used.Please click here for her link.
I’ve seen designs which use the same method for leaves, as well.But, since the flower made with this method has a flat tip, I feel it’s not suitable for a leaf.You could try the method shown below to embroider a kamal kadai leaf.

This is the template of my leaf.

Bring out the needle at B.Pull through.Enter at D and come up at C.Wrap the thread under the needle and pull through.Enter at A (one fly stitch made).

Work another fly stitch connecting D, E, F, A.

The right side of the leaf is done in the same manner.

Embroider straight stitches  at AB, AF and the right side.

Starting from the base, start weaving the leaf.Use the needle to push down the thread as you weave and don’t pull the thread too tight.

Weave all the way to the tip, leaving the 4 pointed tips at the left and right.

Weave the pointed tips separately.This leaf is quite big.

I.ve made a smaller one, here.
If you’ve embroidered any designs based on kamal kadai technique, I would love to see them.Please give a description and leave the link to your post so that other readers could view them, as well.Happy stitching!


  1. Quite tedious,isn't it?
    Love the concept though.And the creativity too.. Was thinking on the same lines (about adapting KK to different shapes),surprised to see a similar post here :)


  2. Yes Deepa, its tedious but creating beautiful things give us satisfaction, doesn't it?

  3. Hello!

    I discovered your blog and love it. It will help me a lot in my embroider.
    I will follow you from Gran Canaria, Spain :)

  4. Очень интересно и красиво!!!