Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free ribbon embroidery pattern 1

After I published my last post, I realized that some computer viruses managed to creep into my PC and paralyzing the anti-virus.Since then, I’ve stopped surfing the internet and only occasionally log in into my BLOGGER account.My PC is now unprotected, so I haven’t decided whether to continue posting or wait till the problem is solved and since the anti-virus licence only expires in March, I am putting off calling the technician so that I won’t have to pay him twice.What I miss the most is visiting other blogs.I promise, I will catch up with you all after the problem has been fixed.
I would like to share with you a ribbon embroidery pattern that I’ve done.

The basket is stitched using beads.Then, I made the spiderweb roses.The leaves are lazy daisy/detached chain stitches.Lastly, I made the 5-petal flowers.

This is the close-up of the basket.
To learn all the stitches and flowers, please go to Carol’s wonderful blog.Please click here for the link.
Happy stitching!


  1. Hi Ina,
    sorry to hear that you are still with this anti-virus problem.
    I've always stitched the basket in ribbon with few beads.This bead basket looks cute!Is it glass beads?your 5 petal gathered flower is also cute.

  2. OMG the ribbon embroidery pattern is just so pretty and eye-catchy. Also the spider web roses are kinda cute. Cheers. Love it.

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