Saturday, October 1, 2011

Underwater scene 7

Today, I,m going to embroider another fish – smaller than the previous one.

For the head and body, I’ve used one strand from the 6-strand floss. Satin stitch for the head and long and short stitch for the body. I’ve also made 2 straight stitches at the bottom of the body for the fins (6 strands). The tail is buttonhole/blanket stitch (2 strands).

Here, I’ve covered the fins with buttonhole knots (3 strands) and worked buttonhole knots on the tail (2 strands). (Please refer frilled buttonhole stitch). Embroider tiny fly stitches (2 strands), close to each other for the fin at the top of the body. And, 2 curved lines on the body for the stripes (6 strands).

Work buttonhole knots on the curved lines and tiny googly eye to complete this fish. I’ll have to embroider a few more to show them swimming in a group.
I’m nearing the end of my underwater scene project. There’s still one more sea creature left. Can you guess what it is?

To view completed pattern, please click here.


  1. So cute! I just love how you made this fish come to life! The button works wonderfuly for the eye! blessings,Kathleen