Sunday, August 28, 2011

Underwater scene 5

Today, I’m going to embroider the main character in this underwater scene-Miss Fish.

I’ve worked the head and body of this fish with long and short stitch, using 2 strands of the 6-strand embroidery thread. Then, I made straight stitches on the mouth with 6-strand thread and 2 tiny stitches at the bottom for the fins (2 strands of pearl cotton no:8 thread). For the tail, I’ve decided to embroider pointed buttonhole-knot stitch. For each part of the tail, I’ve made 2 straight stitches, close to each other (2 strands for each stitch).

As you can see here, I’ve made buttonhole knots on the straight stitches (6 strands for the lips, 2 strands for the tail and 1 strand for the fins). Work buttonhole/blanket stitch for the fin on top. The scales are v-shaped fly stitches.

Work buttonhole knots on the fin with 2 strands (please refer frilled buttonhole stitch). The buttonhole knots on the scales were also done with 2 strands of thread. A googly eye completed the fish, and buttonhole wheels for the bubbles coming out of the fish’s mouth.

To view completed pattern, please click here.


  1. Gorgeous!! I love, love, love the layering you do with your needlework! She is exquisite!

  2. Hello Ina.
    Nice piece of work you've got here. I love to do all these crafty work but since I need 2 pairs of eyes to do so, I have stop doing one of my hobbies i.e cross stitching.

    Thank you for dropping by my humble blog. For easy searching, you can just click at any categories you're interested in, listed under specific labels, just below the banner (on top). Please feel free to drop by again. Glad to have to there.

    Take care and have a nice day!