Friday, August 12, 2011

Underwater scene 4

For the last item on the seabed, I’ve decided to embroider another coral.

For the body of this coral, I’m going to use weaving technique. Firstly, embroider 3 straight stitches close to each other. These stitches were held down with small stitches. Start weaving from the bottom, alternating from right to left.

And left to right. Push the thread down with the needle as you weave.

When the body is complete, embroider ‘Y-shaped’ fly stitches, as shown (I’ve used 2 strands of pearl cotton no:8 thread for this).

Cover the stitches with buttonhole knots (1strand).

Does this look like staghorn coral?

This is the completed seabed. Next, I will embroider a few sea animals.

To view completed pattern, please click here.


  1. these are great coral embroidery. I like the last pink coral it is so realistic. It would look good in one of my reef embroideries.

  2. It's perfect! Beautiful work, once again.

  3. Beautiful work and very interesting to cover the fly stitches with buttonhole knots. I was wondering what else could be done with them.