Sunday, May 1, 2011

Frilled buttonhole stitch

I don't know whether this stitch already exists, but I got the idea for this stitch from Sharon's Kiko's flower stitch.In Kiko's stitch, you're required to make bullion stitch at the top of each petal.I tried this, but it didn't turn out well.I even tried changing the bullion stitch to single cast-on stitch Still, I didn't like the result.Lastly, I tried making loops/ buttonhole knots at the tip of each petal, and I really, really liked it.It gives the flower, a 3-D effect.Please follow these instructions to make frilled buttonhole stitch:

Bring out the needle at A.Pull through.Go back into A and come out at B.Don't pull through.Wrap the thread under the needle as shown, then only, pull through.

Go back into A and come out at a point close to B.Wrap the thread under the needle and pull through.

Continue till you've filled the whole petal.This is actually the buttonhole/blanket stitch petal.

Insert the needle under the thread at the tip of the petal and make a loop/knot.

One loop made.

Continue making the loops.

One petal made.

Continue making the other petals the same way.

I've made a few flowers using this method.You can view them here.

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