Sunday, May 1, 2011

Double cast-on rosebud

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To make this double cast-on rosebud, I've used the six-strand embroidery floss.The tutorial for double cast-on stitch is given here.For this rosebud, you'll have to make 3 double cast-on petals.The tips of these petals should meet at the same point, D.The bases of the petals on the left and right are on the same level (points A and B).The base of the petal in the center (point C), should be made either above or below this level.Please follow these instructions:

  1. Firstly make petal AD, and then BD (I needed 10 loops for each petal).
  2. Make petal CD (also 10 loops).
  3. As you can see, a small space will be formed between 2 petals.From point E, make 2 double cast-on stitches to those spaces (I needed 5 loops each).
  4. Without cutting off the thread, make a small straight stitch at the base of the calyx, for the stem.
  5. Make one straight stitch each at both sides of the calyx (see picture).

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