Sunday, May 15, 2016

Smooth purl (zardosi thread) flowers

When I first found smooth purl (zardosi thread) in my small town a few years back, I was so excited that I decided to experiment with it. The results were these flowers which I created from various stitches.I had only a small amount of the thread then, so I was somewhat stingy and kept recycling it for the various flowers that you can see below.In the end, fix it onto the fabric using a thin layer of fabric glue.

This is a twisted lazy daisy stitch petals.

Another twisted lazy daisy stitch variation.

Lazy daisy petals.

Wheatear stitch petals.

I will share with you some more smooth purl flowers in my next post.

 Those of you interested in learning how to make puffy chapatis/rotis, please watch this video :


  1. Thank you for sharing the interesting video. I wondered how chapatti were made and enjoyed watching.

    You have created very pretty purl stitches.

  2. Many varieties of Zardosi flower.Thanks for sharing.

  3. pretty flowers! like the twisted chain ones the most.

  4. You made beautiful flowers with the thread. I had a little amount of this thread too but it was too delicate to use and kept breaking a lot while turning or may be I had very less patience at that time.

    1. Yes Preeti, patience is really important when working with zardosi thread.

  5. Loved the video and I love the flower! So pretty!

  6. I'm fine, kathleen.Just busy with everyday life.Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Hello
    I hv just started wit aari embroidery. .
    I want to know abt d different types of needle used fr embroidery .
    N also want to know frm wer I cn buy them online
    I visited sm stores they show me crochet needles but these needles spoil d fabric .
    Plz help me in this
    thank you