Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mirror work 6

Today, I would like to share with you another mirror/shisha work tutorial.This time, it’s basque stitch mirror work.


Divide a 2.5cm diameter circle into 24.Fix a mirror(1.25cm diameter) with straight and diagonal stitches.Bring the needle up at a position below A.Bring the needle and thread over and under the foundation stitches.Pull the thread.


Go back at the same place under the foundation stitches.Don’t pull the thread too much because we’ll need the loop to work the petal.


Enter the fabric below B and bring the thread up at B.Pull the thread which was on the foundation stitches to the required length (this will determine the roundness of your center) as you work a twisted lazy daisy.


After the petal was done, come up at the position shown.


As before, bring the needle and thread over and and under the foundation stitches and continue as above to make another petal.Here, you can see the position of the needle on where to begin the next petal.Continue in this manner all around.


For the last petal, after you’ve bring the needle and thread over and under the foundation stitches, don’t go back under them again.Straight away, work the petal as shown.


Please make sure the thread on the foundation stitches are placed neatly as you pull the thread to get a beautiful center.


  1. Thank you for sharing the stitch Ina! It's perfect:) I saw all the previous tutorials on mirror work too. I would say I found a treasure ! :) I like mirror work very much but know only the button hole stitch to do that. I had been looking for tutorials and also ordered Mridulas school of embroidery's course on mirror work. But I was disappointed with the stitches for mirror work in that.

    I had earlier done a fabric greeting card with basic mirror work. If you are interested, pls check at

    I liked all 6 tutorials here and will definitely show you once I try those:)

    1. Thanks, Preeti.Mirror work is not really difficult.Once you know the basic, everything else will be easy.Looking forward to see your mirror work projects.

  2. Another stitch to fixe a mirror ! Great !

  3. Thank you for this tutorial, I shall try it soon.

  4. great tutorial!you have offered so many shisha work tutes for us ina..looking forward to getting many more..thank you ina..will try soon..

  5. It looks pretty!A lovely tute as usual from you Ina.Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very pretty !!!!!love all your tutorials. Easy to follow!!! thank you.

  7. I have always wondered how to do this! Way cool. Thanks for the tutorial.