Sunday, July 1, 2012

No-stitch peacock

Today, I would like to share with you another simple peacock design.This peacock requires no stitching at all.

For this, you ‘ll need some rounded and teardrop shaped stones, 3-D glitter glue and fabric glue.

Arrange the stones to form the body of the peacock.3 teardrop shaped stones are needed for the head and wings.Stick each stone with fabric glue and draw the legs, using glitter glue.

Arrange and glue more teardrop shaped stones for the ‘eyes’ of the tail feather.

Using glitter glue, draw the tail of the peacock.Please excuse my drawing of the peacock feather – it was done in a hurry.I’m quite sure you can draw better than this.For those of you who don’t have glitter glue, you can even embroider the legs and tail.Hope you get the idea.I hope some of you will try this and leave your links in the comment box below.I have other ideas for this peacock.When I have the time, I’ll try and share them with you.


  1. nice idea ina..but i love your embroidery and so eagerly awaiting your new project of embr:...

    1. Thanks, Leela.Will try to find time for more new projects.

  2. Good one...very simple...
    Thanks for sharing

  3. so cute!looking forward to see your other ideas Ina.

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