Friday, June 1, 2012

Chikan Embroidery - Part 1

I was one of the lucky few who managed to register for Anita’s first Chikan embroidery SAL.I found Anita’s blog when she commented on mine.At that time, she was still new to blogging.I feel that’s the power of commenting – it will bring readers to your blog.I love to have people come and commenting on my blog and you’re mostly welcome to ‘advertise’ your blog while doing so.Your support is one factor that keeps me going and something which I value the most.
I’m quite sure most of you must have completed Anita’s class.As for me, I lag far behind because of lack of time.At the time of writing this post, I’d just finished lesson 5.Today, I would like to show you my work after completing the first lesson, which was double back stitch or even known as shadow stitch.

The biggest problem I faced was to trace the design.I don’t have a printer so I had to place a clear plastic sheet on my PC monitor and trace it.The difference wasn’t so obvious when I traced it but realized something was wrong when started to embroider.Most of the time, I’d to redraw certain patterns before embroidering.

This is one embroidery that I enjoy working.In Chikan embroidery, everything has to be perfect or else it will show on your work.We need to practice, practice and more practice and I sure need more of that.In my opinion, this embroidery makes us more disciplined.No wonder, Anita’s works are so perfect that you could hardly find any flaws.Hats off to you Anita and thanks for this wonderful lesson.


  1. Your chikan looks so beautiful!looking forward to see more...
    You are welcome Ina.I was not only a new blogger when I'd commented ,also started reading blogs,websites etc only around that time,a couple of months here and there.I'm glad that I found yours.Thanks for your friendship,support and comments.

  2. Youve done better than I did..........Ive yet to start mine! This looks like a great start though. Im hoping to get time and brain clear time later this overcame my plans to get stuck in!

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  4. You're right, Raghu.Not only chikan, but all types of embroidery should be saved and preserved.

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