Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pointed-tip buttonhole-knot flower

In my previous tutorials, I've shown you on how to make flowers using buttonhole-knot technique.I discovered that when the knots were worked continuously, what we get were rounded-tip petals.I did some experiments, and came up with this pointed-tip flower, which can also be used to make leaves.

With 2 strands of thread, make a straight stitch, from A to B.Come back at A, between the 2 strands of thread and start making buttonhole knots on the thread on the left.Cover the whole distance, from A to B.Enter the fabric at point C, which is a few mm above point B.Come back at A and continue on the thread on the right side.

Enter the fabric at the same point as before (point C).

Continue with the other petals.

These leaves were made the same way, but rather than covering the whole distance from A to B, stop making buttonhole knots a few mm away from B and enter the fabric at point B itself.Then, come back at A and continue the process.
For leaves, you don't necessarily have to make equal number of knots on both sides, and you don't necessarily have to enter the fabric the second time at B.The point where you enter the fabric for the second time will determine the shape of your leaf.Do some experiments of your own to create the leaves that you desire-whether pointing upwards, slanting to the left or right, or even curl at the tip.For some leaves, start with the left thread, for others start on the right. 
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