Friday, November 20, 2015

Button kamal kadai

My initial plan today is to show you some of the variations to the flower stitches that I’d shown in previous posts.But, I’m postponing that to another date because I want to show you how you can work kamal kadai stitch on a button.Most of you must be aware of kamal kadai which is a flower embroidered using weaving technique.To those of you who love to use buttons to decorate your dresses, cushions etc., this is a variation you should try.The petals shouldn’t cover the whole button because we want some parts of the button to show through.

For this, you’ll need a button which has 4 holes (I’m using a 2cm diameter button).This can also be done on a 2-holed button by working the petals on either sides so that it’ll look like a chinese button.Draw the outline of the button on a piece of paper and mark the dots for the straight stitches.Fold the paper into 4 and poke holes on it so that you’ll have equally positioned holes for the 4 petals.Transfer the dots onto a fabric, position the button in the middle and sew it with normal sewing thread.Work straight stitches as shown.The threads shouldn't be loose.As much as possible,make sure the threads at the base don’t overlap each other.For this, the button holes shouldn’t be too small.

Cut off the sewing thread in the middle.Bring the needle and thread up at one of the holes and start weaving from right to left, continuing from left to right and weave all the way from base to the tip of the petal.

Continue for the other petals.

(Attn : most of the tutorials in this blog are my own creations.So, please don’t try to copy and show them in your blog, youtube etc.You can show the finished work but please link it back to my website.)