Thursday, June 27, 2013

My First Needlework Project

Hi everyone, I’m back.Hope that I would be able to blog without any glitches.Today, I would like to share with you my first needlework project – a cross stitch sampler that I worked back in 1986.Just can’t believe it’s almost 30 years.How time flies!

This pattern is from the book, ‘FLORAL DESIGNS IN CROSS STITCH’, an ONDORI publication.Why did I choose this pattern?The basket!I love baskets.It’s a symbol of a bygone era and I love anything vintage.When I was a child, needlework really fascinated me.Watching my mother and elder sister embroidering was something that I enjoyed a lot.But, I had no confidence of trying one myself.I was a studious person – getting good grades and always on top of my class.It was only later on, when I was a teenager that I was tempted to try a hand at cross stitch which I considered easier than embroidery.My sister used to buy lots of ONDORI books and when I saw this pattern I decided to try it.
From then on, I was hooked and there was no looking back.Needlework is one factor that lifted my spirit in the darkest hours of my life – the death of my younger brother, death of my beloved father, the bitter separation from my husband, the lengthy divorce proceedings and finally the divorce itself, fighting for the custody of my son and the life as a single mother.Life has to go on no matter what.

This is my latest mirror work – needlewoven picot mirror work.What do you think of it?The tutorial for this is coming soon.

For the past few months, I hadn’t been active online and had lots of time to cook and bake.These days, I’m jumping into the ‘homemade’ wagon.I’ve tried homemade noodles, whole wheat bread, burger, burger buns etc. but my greatest achievement is homemade chocolate.At first, it refused to harden no matter how long I kept it in the fridge though it was the most delicious that I’ve ever tasted.I didn’t give up and found a simple method to harden it.This recipe uses simple ingredients like cocoa powder, milk powder, sugar and butter but the outcome was wonderful.My son is happily munching away the chocolate balls.Have you tried making chocolate at home?Please share your experience with me.